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Reiki Master/Teacher and Master Sound Healer

Sheri Peters

Reiki Master

Sound Healer

Hi, my name is Sheri! I’m from Thousand Oaks, California, and I am founder of Universal Reiki and Sound Healing. I started this business after I went through a very physical and emotionally difficult time in my life. I have always been drawn to alternative ways of healing and in my search is when I discovered Reiki. I began to journal how I felt after each Reiki session and I could see the progress I was making in finding peace and balance. I found it fascinating how our energy fields work and the effects it has on our being.  Through my healing, I had a strong calling to serve others and help them with their journey of healing. I had no idea that when my journey began it would end up serving so many people.

As an energy healer my goal is to help individuals find hope, harmony, balance and healing to live their best life. I have completed my First Degree, Second Degree and Master Degree training in the Usui Reiki System and my Master Sound Healing training through an accredited school of The Complementary Medical Association. Along with my training I am also a member of the International Association of Reiki Professionals. I feel deeply blessed to have worked with my clients, helping them heal and finding inner peace. It is my wish to have everyone who is experiencing difficulty in their life be able to find peace, balance and harmony.

As an Energy Healer, I can assist you with physical, emotional and mental challenges. If you find yourself struggling in life, you have come to right place. I would be humbled to assist you in any aspect of your healing journey. The state of being in good health is a priority for your mental and physical well-being.